Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Phallosan Extender Review

Now, we are here for Phallosan Extender Review. When we decide to review a device, the first questions that come to our mind might be these questions or similar them: What is the device? What can do the device? How it works? What is the results? Is there any before and after pictures? These questions can be raised about the phallosan extender system, too. Perhaps, finding answers to all these questions may not be possible, however, we try to review the phallosan forte at an optimal level.

Phallosan is a device for men and is built to enlarge the men's genital organ. Today, different ways are proposed by many companies in the world to increase the penis size. One of the most known penis enlargement methods is using a penis extender. Penis extenders are produced by various manufacturers in the world.

Phallosan Forte is a penis extender and penile enlargement device which has been produced by the company of Swiss Sana Anstalt. But it is a bit different from the other traditional penis extenders and this difference makes it unique. The question is: what makes this traction device unique? The PHALLOSAN® forte is distinct from the other penile extenders both in terms of structure and function. This dick extender has a specific structure and no other penis extender is like it. Most penis extenders are structurally similar to each other. They use a ring-shaped part that is attached to the end of the penis. The material and shape (appearance) of the ring can vary in these penis extenders, even some of these penile extenders have several forms of loop, but their performance is almost the same. There is another loop in these dick extenders which is placed at the base of the penis. These two rings (loops) are connected to each other by an adjustable mechanical part. This mechanical section usually consists of two adjustable bars. By adjusting these bars, the tension exerted on the penis can be controlled and it is increased or decreased. This is the basic principle of the majority of traditional penis extenders. SizeGenetics is an example of traditional penis extenders. However, the phallosan's structure is not as same as the structure of these extenders and this system has its own unique structure and acts in a different way than others.

In traditional extenders, tension is set and applied to the penis through hard adjustable rods. This stretch is applied only through the glans (penis head) by the ring shaped part as previously mentioned. However, phallosan forte uses a soft mechanism to create tension in the penis and by using this soft system, this device applies stretch to entire penis not only through the penis head. This work is done by a condom shaped rubber. The condom-like rubber called as sleeve. The sleeve is placed over the entire penis and through a vacuum system that is attached to the end of it, penis stretching operation is done. The is the main difference between phallosan extender and other traditional extenders.

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